My Salad Tree

We’re closing on the new land tomorrow. There was a delay because of some title question that we didn’t really understand but it’s been resolved by our attorney.

We escaped the northeast flooding and it was sunny and warm here all weekend long. My computer was in the shop so we spent the entire weekend outside. I started an herb garden – something I’ve never previously attempted. I also planted a salad tree, which isn’t actually a tree at all. It’s a large pot I planted with cucumbers, small carrots, cherry tomatoes and spinach. After everything blooms and starts to grow, we can pick what we need for salad during the week right from the pot. Best of all, I can drag it indoors in the fall and keep it alive after the snowflakes start falling. I got the idea from Back to Basics by Readers’s Digest editors. It’s a really neat book, full of color photographs, and I highly recommend it.

Our baby is due in one month and one day. He is fully engaged and ready to launch, which means I have to waddle if I want to get anywhere. When we go out in public, people don’t even look at my face anymore, they just stare at my stomach, even when they’re talking to me! I can just imagine what they’re thinking… Everytime I stand up, it feels like my pelvis is cracking into a dozen pieces. My ankles are swollen, I’m always starving, especially in the middle of the night, and even my maternity clothes are getting too tight. Needless to say, the days are crawling by!

I will miss having him with me all the time, kicking my little laptop desk and making his brothers and sister laugh at his rolling antics in my tummy. But, I am so terribly excited that we’ll soon be able to cuddle a newborn again. I can tell, though, that NOBODY is more excited that Max. He asks everyday now, “Is the baby coming out today?”

Today’s Maxism:

Max (age 4) came in our room last night, stood in front of us, sighed, and very seriously stated, “I need to buy a dolphin.”

Hugs to everybody!


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