For the First Time in 24 Years, I’m About to….

For the First Time in 24 Years, I’m About to….

Got another reminder today of why we’re moving. For the third time, our water got turned off this morning with no warning at all. I fired of an angry text to the property manager. She apologized. Us lowly renters can’t catch a break!!

I’ve been on overdrive all week, with my keyboard smoking, as I prepare for a four-day staycation. I NEED IT!! The second (and last) part of our move will be happening in two weeks. The first one darn near killed me. I’ve been pretty stressed.

For the first time in 24 years, I’m letting my awesome people answer my email for me. I’m a control freak (I’m sure you did not know that! Ha ha.) and I have never let anyone take over my email for an hour, much less four days. I have trained them all well and I know things will go smoothly. I am anticipating no emergency phone calls at all. Seriously. I think it’s going to be GREAT!!

And, BookLocker has NEVER been this busy. We even hired a new person a few weeks ago and he’s working out great! The more our competitors that go belly-up, the busier we get. We LOVE our authors and we LOVE staying busy! 🙂

The staycation could have been a vacation but we’ve traveled so much over the past four months that I don’t want to go ANYWHERE. Our daughter offered to get us a beach house rental but we declined. We are seriously traveled-out! We stocked up on groceries (including microwave popcorn and Milk Duds), cleaned the townhouse, bought some new books, and researched some good movies to watch. (If you have any great recommendations on movies or series, please share them in the comments box below!) I’m a horrible cook but I love cooking so that will keep me relaxed and busy as well.

I bought a new bird watching book and I might just sit out on the porch with binoculars. I used to love watching the birds in Maine because there were SO many! And, the species changed year-round. I’d whip out my bird field guide, identify them, read where they came from and where they were heading, depending on the season, what they ate, etc. It’s a GREAT hobby!

Once we do the final move to Georgia, I’m taking bird watching up again. I even bought a brand new sketch book and colored pencils so I can draw the ones I see. I’m a horrible artist but I still enjoy drawing. Don’t expect a bird art book from me anytime soon. You’re welcome. 😉

If you need a good book for bird lovers in your family, I recommend The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America by Matt Kracht. We’ve been reading it to each other all week, and cracking up!!!

In about an hour, I’m going to turn off my computer and I will not be touching it again until Sunday. Aaaaahhh!! 🙂


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