Homemade BREAD!!! Can you smell it from there???

Homemade BREAD!!! Can you smell it from there???

All’s quiet here on the dock. We’re all hunkered down and safe and comfy…well, except for two of the three air conditioners on the blink. That problem will be remedied tomorrow.

Mason has been happily doing his schoolwork (he’s homeschooled anyway) and Max has been helping with copyright and ISBN registrations, which he used to do before he registered for welding school. But, since welding school has been postponed, and his restaurant job went kaput last week, he’s once again helping us and he’s very happy to do so!

Yesterday afternoon, he came into the galley, whipped out his phone, a bag of flour, sugar, etc., and went to work making his very first loaves of homemade bread. And, they came out PERFECT!!! The entire boat was suffused in the aroma and there wasn’t an un-salivating mouth onboard! I  have dubbed Max our new Onboard Baker.

We’ve also been keeping extremely busy at BookLocker! Seems lots of authors who hadn’t been able to find the time to wrap up their books are doing so now so we’re all enjoying formatting new manuscripts, and designing new book covers. 🙂

We are all safe, and being careful, and we hope you are, too!

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    Beautiful loaves! My compliments!