Gingerbread Poop

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about our Gingerbread Poop! While we were making anatomically correct gingerbread people just before Christmas, we made a piece of gingerbread poop to leave on Ali’s bed just for Grampa and Grannie Rita, who were arriving the next day. It was overcooked a bit, which just added to the realistic details. We were very proud of the results.

And, speaking of poop, Whenever Mason passes gas now, he smiles and starts making raspberry sounds with his mouth. He’s going to be just like his big brothers. (sigh…)

Mason got his first tooth last week! It’s very sharp and family members instantly stopped letting him gnaw on their knuckles. Ha ha.

This week’s Maxism:

Max is a very picky eater and some nights we have to fix him a special plate. Last night, I fixed him a plate of celery, blueberries and green beans with steak sauce. After I leaned over to pour the steak sauce on his plate, Max reached toward his plate and pulled a very long strand of blonde hair out of his steak sauce. He nonchalantly held it out to me and said, “Here, Mommy. You dropped your hair.”


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