Man Can’t Live On Bread Alone…Unless He Eats Here

Ali and I had a bread baking contest last Sunday. I found a sweet recipe online that required lots of molasses (we have a gallon jar of it in the pantry) and Ali used honey in her’s. I wanted to have some extra bread for sandwiches so I doubled my recipe. After mixing all the liquid ingredients, I realized I needed to split the ingredients into two bowls just to make room for the the flour. Pretty soon, those were too full, too, so I had to use the kitchen table to finish the flour and kneading. Before we knew it, I had three humongous piles of bread dough on the table. We had to remove all but one shelf in the oven because the dough was rising so high. It was actually fun…albeit a bit scary (how big will it grow?!).

We now how three gigantic loaves of bread, two regular loaves (Ali knows how to do it right!) and a bag full of homemade dinner rolls. We’re eating bread as fast as we can, before it has time to mold. And, the neighbors are going to find themselves overloaded with bread this evening, too. There’s no WAY we can eat it all ourselves.

After it was all finally baked, I looked back at my recipe and finally read the whole thing. The author had already tripled the original recipe. So, I doubled a triple recipe. That will teach me to read the instructions in their entirety before starting a new project!

The bread did turn out pretty yummy and makes great sandwiches. Ali’s is delicious, too. It was a tie, of course. The boys in this family know better than to bite one of the hands that feeds them.

Hugs to everybody!


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