Going Camping! Three Days with No Internet or Cell Service! WHOOP!!!

Going Camping! Three Days with No Internet or Cell Service! WHOOP!!!

Since the weather is so beautiful right now (lows in the 60s and highs in the 70s), and since my stress levels have been high lately, Brian is making me go camping for three days and two nights. He picked a spot in a national park with no wifi and no cell service. I KNOW he did that on purpose.

I plan to take along a couple of books, and my two bird field guides. We might do some light hiking. We are taking fishing poles and lures. (I have never in my life caught a fish on a lure but I’ve tried many times!)

By the way, we are NOT tent camping. We have a very small “hunting trailer” that we use for camping. We will NOT have electricity (so no air conditioning). The last time I went tent camping was when I was in my 20s. The ground was extremely uncomfortable and we got soaking wet over night. I said, “Never doing THAT again!”

Our bags are already packed. Brian had to spray Permethrin on our clothes, and then dry them out to deter ticks. Thank goodness our clothes are packed because our washing machine (only 3 years old!) just broke. The repair guy can’t get a replacement part until next week.

The repair guy came with his wife. He was trying to figure out when he could come next week because, he said, “I go to the heart doctor every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I already died once! But I’m back!!!”

What a sweetheart. 🙂

Anyway, if you need anything at all during those days, Ali and Justin will be monitoring my emails. If it’s not an emergency, they’ll save those emails for me. They can handle all emergencies. They are well-trained and they (and others) will be taking good care of our BookLocker authors while I’m away as well. 🙂



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