Flu Bug Departs; Spring Fever Arrives

We’re all feeling much better. It looks like Richard escaped the bug, even after kissing me while I was feverish. Zach spent three days in bed. He had it worst of all.

We had another snow day on Friday and Richard and Frank spent Saturday morning digging out the cars and truck once again. This snow stuff is getting pretty old. And, we’re expecting dangerous wind chills for the next three days.

On Sunday, we snuggled up inside and watched some travel documentaries. One was on Mt. McKinley and Danali National Park in Alaska. We’re planning to take a really long RV trip to Alaska in a few years, when Max and Mason are a bit older (so Mason can enjoy it…and remember it). After the show ended, Max said, “Mommy, I want to go camping!”

We assured him we did, too! Our next camping trip won’t be for about six weeks, which seems an eternity from now. The RV is buried in snow right now, and there are very few campgrounds open this time of year in the northeast anyway.

When spring break rolls around, we’ll be taking a short camping trip. Ali will be going to Florida for spring break with a friend’s family. We’ll be taking the RV to New Hampshire because we’ll be picking Ali up at the airport after her trip. She got a pretty good deal flying out of New Hampshire, and it’s a great excuse for us to de-winterize the RV, even though it’ll still be relatively cool here. I’m tired of sitting indoors so mid-April can’t come soon enough for us!

This week’s Maxism:

“Mommy, I don’t like to throw up….because sometimes it has vegetables in it, like carrots.”

Hugs to all!


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