Fall is on the Way

Well, I have good news for our old friends in Texas who have been suffering through 100+ degree temperatures most of the summer. Fall is on the way! On Friday night, the first true cold front of the season blew through Bangor, Maine, infusing us all with that crisp, refreshing Fall feeling…you know the one I’m talking about. When we woke up to 43-degree weather, Ali, Frank and I immediately rushed out to the craft store to pick up materials for three new comfy, cozy quilts. This year, Zach, Frank and Max are getting new quilts for their beds. Ali and I should have them finished by the end of September. There’s nothing better than quilting by hand and watching old movies on chilly, windy autumn days!

While we were sitting in the parking lot at the craft store, I noticed a few trees are starting to change colors! Only a few, but enough to make me want to put up the Fall decorations. Don’t worry. I’ll restrain myself for another few weeks. Our garden has had a pumpkin explosion! We’re going to have so many pumpkins that the neighbors will think we’ve started a new business. Ali has the biggest one so far. Mine are all puny compared to hers. I told Ali, “If you don’t stop bragging about your pumpkins, I’m going to teach Max that they’re apples. Then, he’ll pick ’em!” Heh…

As promised, we have posted some pictures from our white water rafting trip online! See:

By this time next week, the children will be back in school. It will be way too quiet around here and Max (who will be two years old in two weeks) will be wondering where all his playmates went off to. Poor Max.

Hugs to everybody!

P.S. I have posted my new PR picture online. I’m really please with how it turned out. See: