Howdy, everybody!

Today’s issue is extremely abbreviated. We are on the road right now, moving from Maine to Florida, and we’re experiencing a few, um, delays. We got separated yesterday and it took a couple of hours to get back together because one of us (okay…me) had driven 50 miles past our campground. We had to stay at another campground that was pretty far off the beaten path.

Last night, I heard a funny noise and discovered the cat halfway out the bathroom window in the RV. Ack! I saved him and nobody has yet confessed to leaving that window open. While leaving that campground this morning on a dirt road, we got a flat tire, but didn’t realize it until we were on the highway and the RV starting jumping around like a bounce house ride, emitting a strong burnt rubber smell. We managed to crawl to a service station for a new tire but then the hydraulic jacks froze up while we were there. That’s where we are right now.

Needless to say, we’re starting to feel like we’re filming The Griswold Family’s Cross Country Move. 🙂

So, we have only a couple of goodies for you today.