Elf On A Shelf Mischief!

Our elf, Christopher, returned on Friday and Mason and Max are SOOOOO excited! So far, Christopher has turned my entire inventory of LED “candles” on (so I had to buy more batteries!), has almost started a fire by roasting marshmallows in the middle of the night, took a ride on our ceiling fan, and used Mason’s toy bulldozer to bulldoze an entire (brand new!) bag of gourmet (expensive!) chocolate chips.

I don’t know how these elves can claim to be reporting on naughty children when they are so mischievous themselves!

When Mason found him riding the ceiling fan blade, he turned the fan on high and Christopher went FLYING across the room. We all came running when we heard the crash. Nothing was broken and Christopher was not injured. Thank goodness! Mason was very upset. He said, “I just wanted to give him some excitement!”


“Mom, why does Santa smoke?!”

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