Eatin’ Some Excellent Wisconsin Cheese, Don’tcha Know!

We’re in Wisconsin this week! We’ve spent tons of time with Richard’s relatives and childhood friends (yes, they really do talk funny), gone to the State Fair (it was so hot!), visited the Mars Cheese Castle, and been to a fish fry!

We’ve been faithfully logging our experiences (and photos!) here:

With all the eating we’ve been doing, it’s a wonder we haven’t had to stop and buy some bigger vacation clothes. On Monday, we worked all day and then Richard’s sister and her two children, along with his friend, Chris, came to the campground for a cookout, complete with burgers, hot dogs and s’mores, courtesy of Richard (I had too many emails to answer). I had a bellyache by bedtime and Mason and Max were exhausted, but I stayed up late sewing a birthday present for my mom, which had to be shipped overnight the next day. We’d planned to buy her a huge assortment of Wisconsin cheese at the Mars Cheese Castle. But, we were terribly disappointed to learn they aren’t shipping anything right now because of the heat.

On Tuesday (yesterday), we left Racine and headed for the Wisconsin Dells. We just arrived so there’s not much to tell yet…other than the fact that they have a really nice pool here and Max is just about to jump right out of his skin with excitement. If I get my work done, we’re going to go find a fun restaurant for dinner. In the meantime, Mason will hang out with me in the RV while Richard takes Max to the pool.

We’ll be here until Friday. Then, we’ll be visiting more relatives for the weekend and, by the time next week’s issue arrives in your emailbox, we should be in Pennsylvania, making our way to Connecticut and then to New York City! We’re so excited! No, we’re not taking the RV into the city. Ha ha. We’ll be taking the train.

This week’s Maxism:

Richard was working outside. Max and Mason were playing together inside the RV and the windows were open. At one point, Richard had to turn on the electric drill. Mason heard the loud noise and his eyes got huge.

Max said, “It’s okay, Mason. Daddy’s just screwin’.”

Hugs to all!


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