Dreaming About Spring

It’s so cold here that the entire family is suffering from severe dry skin. From my nosebleeds to Max scratching his knees raw, it feels like we’re keeping the moisturizer industry in business these days. I’m reading Margaret Tessler’s book, Life in the Slow Lane, which details their RVing adventures, and it sure is giving me wanderlust! We can’t wait to get out of town when the weather warms up a bit.

Richard’s taking a short trip to Wisconsin at the end of this month to attend a friend’s birthday party. Unfortunately, it’s just as cold there! We’ve also already planned our summer vacations (yes, we’re going to treat ourselves to two this year).

For now, all we can do is hunker down and pray for the sub-zero temperatures to ease up a bit.

This week’s Maxism: I was at the store with Ali and Max. As I was paying at the register, I asked Ali to put on Max’s coat and gloves. Max was jumping around like a pogo stick and Ali couldn’t quite get her hands on him. She finally said, “Max, hold still!”

He kept jumping and the entire store went silent as he yelled, “I can’t, Ali! I have a wedgie!!!”

Hugs to all! Angie

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