It’s Bleepin’ COLD Here in Florida!

It’s Bleepin’ COLD Here in Florida!

The west coast of Florida came to a virtual standstill earlier this week when temperatures one night plummeted into the upper 30’s. And, the next day, it only got up to 50-something. Folks here were running around bundled up in layers, complete with mittens and scarves. Since we moved here from Maine, you’d think we’d have the thick skin to withstand the cold but, no, we have lost our northern acclimation!

The morning after the big chill, I whined as I rolled out of bed, abandoning my thick comforter. The thermostat was set on 72. Despite the fact that it said it was 70 inside, it was NOT clicking on. (We figured out the next day that it needed to be cranked up at least 3 degrees higher to kick on.) We turned on our tiny space heater, and muscled through the cold day. The next evening, The National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning here. No kidding! Wind chills of 19-33 degrees. Brrrr!!!

To be funny, I posted a screenshot of that on Facebook for our Maine friends, who were truly suffering through several days of temps below zero.

The good news is we have survived the Winter of 2017! It’s supposed to be sunny and 72 tomorrow. I’m thinking it’ll be a good day to go fishin’!

DON’T FORGET! THIS SATURDAY is the Winter, 2017 short story contest. No fishing for me. I’ll be reading awesome short stories!!

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This week’s Masonism:

We were having a talk about the birds and the bees…well, more about being an appropriate age to involve yourself in the birds-and-bees-shenanigans. Being a modern mom, and knowing the chances of Mason (age 10) making it to the alter as a virgin are not great in this day and age, I explained to him that you must be truly and deeply in love with someone before you give them such a special part of yourself.

He responded, “I wouldn’t be in the mood for sex if I wasn’t in love anyway.

(Please, Lord, let that thought last through his teen years!!!)

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One Response to "It’s Bleepin’ COLD Here in Florida!"

  1. Wendy Jones  January 11, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    At ‘upper 30s’, there is another week of lawn care for sure — and at 50F — we’re still out grilling in Minnesota!