A Deluge!!

A Deluge!!

We returned from our vacation in Tennessee last week and it has rained here, heavily, every single day since! Parts of town have been flooding over and over again. Not our house, thank goodness! The good news is we’re finally getting our summer rains…albeit a bit late. The bad news is our weeds are going NUTS and one of our banana trees fell over. We tried to save it, but failed. Ali took the entire tier of bananas to the restaurant since they’re organic. They’re still quite green but they should ripen up if they are hung correctly.

We’re supposed to get our first real cold front of the season this weekend and we are SO excited about that! It’ll be perfect weather for putting up our outdoor Halloween decorations!


We were at a homeschooling field trip and they had a gift shop (of course), which had lots of educational books. I turned to Mason and said, “I can buy you a book if you want.”

He said, “No thank you. I’d rather have a DeLorean.”

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