Should journalists stand by and take pictures while a massacre occurs? – In The News – 11/10/2023

Should journalists stand by and take pictures while a massacre occurs? – In The News – 11/10/2023

Should journalists stand by and take pictures while a massacre occurs?
Israel demands action after journalists reportedly joined Hamas massacre
“The media watchdog HonestReporting published an investigative report late on Wednesday showing that journalists from leading news outlets, including The New York Times, AP, Reuters and CNN, joined Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip on October 7 to document the horrific events with their cameras.”

Pretty sure I don’t have time for that!
Barbra Streisand’s Audio Version of 992 Page Memoir — Coming Tuesday — is 48 Hours, 15 Minutes Long
As Broadway star Michael Urie quipped on Twitter, “I could have done it in 30.”

I watched this movie once. Couldn’t watch it again…
‘The Exorcist’ is 50 years old, and its origin story is still haunting
“Placed on the front page of the newspaper, the story is said to have inspired William Peter Blatty, then a student of English literature at Georgetown University, to pen the 1971 horror novel, ‘The Exorcist,’ which he later adapted into an Oscar-winning screenplay.”

We had a ghost in our house in Maine who also disappeared for good.
Literary legend haunted hotel for 53 years until neglected remains buried with family in NYC, say historians
“Dorothy Parker’s ghost spooked guests at New York City’s landmark Algonquin Hotel for more than 50 years — then suddenly went silent in 2020.”

They’re hiring someone to rewrite stories from content taken from the Internet?
The New York Times Help Wanted: Looking for an AI Editor to Start Publishing Stories: Six Figure Salary
“The New York Times boast all the news that’s fit to print. That news used to be written by humans.”

I haven’t seen any Jewish people threatening terrorists!
Jewish journalist in NYC gets bodyguard after receiving rape, death threats from Palestinian sympathizers
“Israel activist and journalist Emily Austin says online death and rape threats forced her to invest in a bodyguard in New York City as tensions escalate over the tumult in the Middle East.”

The editor should be fired!
Yale student who had pro-Israel column edited without her knowledge speaks out: ‘Modern-day Holocaust denial’
“A sophomore Yale student whose pro-Israel column published in the Yale Daily News was edited without her knowledge spoke out on Tuesday.”

Good riddance.
New York Times writer resigns over letter accusing Israel of ‘genocide’
“A writer for the New York Times Magazine resigned after she signed a letter accusing Israel of genocide.”

This many is a hero!
Kirk Cameron helps launch nationwide school program to provide children’s books without ‘pornography’
“Author and actor Kirk Cameron is helping to launch an ambitious new project to give parents and schools a ‘healthy, wholesome’ alternative to book fairs flooded with what he and other parents feel is…”

Reverse discrimination is still discrimination.
A newspaper giant tried to diversify its staff. White workers sued.
“Sitting in the bleachers at the school softball field in July 2022, Bradley took a phone call from an unknown number. He listened as J. Nelson Thomas, an employment lawyer he’d never met, presented a jarring claim: Bradley was laid off because he is White.”

Amazon has laid off 27,000 people this year!
Amazon cuts jobs in music streaming division
“The layoffs are the latest in a series of job cuts by Amazon over the past year, which have affected more than 27,000 employees at the e-commerce retail giant.”

I’m going to have to check my Amazon account…
Amazon hit with another class action lawsuit over refunds on returned products
The suit alleges that Amazon “has engaged in a repeated and systematic scheme” related to products purchased on its online marketplace and returned by customers who say they never received a refund for products that were “timely and properly” returned to the company.


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One Response to "Should journalists stand by and take pictures while a massacre occurs? – In The News – 11/10/2023"

  1. Nicole Larson  November 10, 2023 at 11:57 pm

    Your lead story about journalists from western publications watching the Hamas attack has been widely debunked. There’s nothing “honest” about HonestReporting. It’s a right-wing conspiracy-mongering site.