Alina Adams Exposes Book Marketing Scammer in Fantastic Fashion! – In The News – 02/22/2024

Alina Adams Exposes Book Marketing Scammer in Fantastic Fashion! – In The News – 02/22/2024

Alina Adams Exposes Book Marketing Scammer in Fantastic Fashion! (By the way, WE LOVE THIS AUTHOR!! Be sure to subscribe to her blog.)
I Expose Book Marketer & Author’s Illicit Love Affair!
“Buckle your seat-belts. I guarantee you’ve never seen it go down like this before!”

If you’ve read our “Real Journalism is Dead” series, this won’t be a surprise.
IDF Reveals Al Jazeera Reporter is a Hamas Commander
“Who knows how many details we will reveal about the presence of other terrorists in journalistic garb in the near future!”

It’s a COMPUTER PROGRAM. The racism was coded into it!!!
Google apologizes after new Gemini AI refuses to show pictures, achievements of White people
“The AI then encouraged the user to focus on people’s individual qualities rather than race to create a ‘more inclusive’ and ‘equitable society.'”

How many artists will this technology replace?
New AI-video tool by maker of ChatGPT worries media creators
“‘Until now, it was easy enough to spot fake images, for example by noticing the repetitive faces in the background,’ Pain said. ‘What this new software does seems to be on another level.'”

This nut-job, who cross-dresses as a “nun,” is married to a teacher! Arrested for child p*rn and s*xual exploitation of a child.
‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ drag queen arrested over child porn allegations in Wisconsin
“Jail records show that drag queen and Outagamie County, Wisconsin, human resource director Adam Westbrook was taken into custody around 3:40 am on Friday.”

Another child of wealthy parents dies with “drugs in the system.”
Son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki found dead in UC Berkeley dorm: school officials
“…the University of California Police Department explained in a statement. “UCPD responded, and Berkeley Fire Department pronounced the person deceased.”

Are they so stupid they don’t know that ALL Israeli citizens serve in the IDF?
Female cyclist uninvited to Women’s Day event due to previous Israeli military service
“Let’s be clear: Boycotting Israeli speakers is hurtful, antithetical to free speech and ultimately counterproductive. It fails to recognize the complexities of the situation.”

People did write and speak much more eloquently back then.
Michigan man finds 1953 love letter penned by Army soldier: ‘It’s almost like poetry’
“‘I’m also sorry I said what I said in my last letter to you,’ Fleming wrote. ‘I didn’t mean to say the things I said and I hope you’ll forgive me.'”

Journalists forced to give up personal texts in lawsuit.
Dominion wins access to Newsmax journalists’ texts in its defamation case
Dominion “will be combing the records to try and find what we might call state of mind evidence…”

Silencing the press?
It’s an election year, and Biden’s team is signaling a more aggressive posture toward the press
“It is inappropriate for the White House to utilize internal pool distribution channels, primarily for logistics and the rapid sharing of need-to-know information, to disseminate generalized critiques of news coverage…”

If they can’t legally buy a Penthouse at 7-Eleven, why should they be given access to po*rn at school?
Georgia lawmakers eye allowing criminal charges against school librarians over sexual content of books
“I can’t understand the resistance of allowing parents to know what their children are seeing, doing and participating in while they’re at school, especially in a public school system…”

Third World dictators rarely like to speak to the free press. What’s new here??
Chicago Mayor Johnson abruptly ends meeting with newspaper after refusing to speak on the record
“The City Hall press corps has turned hostile, openly frustrated with a mayor who is seldom accessible and evasive when he does take questions,” the Sun-Times reported. “Newspaper editorials are critical and, at times, disdainful while portraying Johnson as in over his head.”


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