Media Outlet Sued by Parents of Child After Malicious Story Published – In The News – 02/09/2024

Media Outlet Sued by Parents of Child After Malicious Story Published – In The News – 02/09/2024

If you’re going to be a “secret” gossip blogger, you probably shouldn’t run around cheating on your wife.
‘Crazy Days and Nights’ Gossip Blogger Unmasked—by Furious Ex-Mistress
“He said she threatened to reveal Nelson’s online persona to the public and that he paid her at least $1,500 per month or more in hush money and stayed with Crose ‘to keep her from exposing me.'”

Do you think the FBI would let YOU get away with this?
Biden ghostwriter escapes special counsel charges despite deleting evidence
“Zwonitzer admitted to the FBI that he ‘was aware that there was an investigation’ when he deleted the evidence.”

Why do YOU think he’s selling so much?
Bezos plans on selling 50 million Amazon shares during next 12 months
“Under the prearranged plan that he adopted in November, the sales will occur ‘over a period’ ending Jan. 25 of next year ‘subject to certain conditions.'”

We are all for copyright protections, but this went over the edge.
Kat Von D wins copyright lawsuit in victory for artists but says she doesn’t ‘want to ever tattoo again’
“It’s been two years of a nightmare worrying about this, not just for myself but for my fellow tattoo artists.”

The “journalists” simply didn’t know what to say – which says volumes about their agenda.
CNN anchors momentarily silent after learning why migrant gangs don’t stay in Florida: ‘There you go to jail’
“These individuals, I went over their rap sheets yesterday, multiple charges, grand larceny, robbery, attempted robbery…”

He was previously accused of having child p*rn! What the hell is wrong with our schools??
Oklahoma drag queen elementary school principal resigns amid outrage, official says
“Dr. Shane Murnan, who performed as a drag queen named ‘Shantel Mandalay,’ served as principal of John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City after being hired in June 2023.”


He was previously a teacher, and had been suspended after the arrest for child p*rn and having marijuana. Yet he later got a job as a school principal?!
Prosecutors won’t appeal porn ruling
“Prosecutors charged Murnan with possession of child pornography and a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana. School officials then suspended Murnan, and he resigned in May 2002…”

A sad story.
28-year-old book blogger with chronic fatigue gets euthanized
“On her blog, Hoeve posted an entry three days before the procedure, saying, ‘I think I’m going back to what it was like before I was born…”

Advertisers step back from the creative edge.
Super Bowl Advertisers Poised to Play Things Safe, Fearing Social-Media Backlash
“It’s true, the average consumer has in recent years been beset by existential issues ranging from the fate of the planet to a global pandemic and a roiling global economy.”

This sounds like a positive use of AI.
Can AI Unlock the Secrets of the Ancient World?
“Friedman says he’s confident that the same techniques will deliver far more of the scrolls’ contents.”

FINALLY! Some common sense!
Turning Tide? New York Times Offers Detransitioners’ Testimony
“At no point was she asked about her sexual orientation. And at no point was she asked about any previous trauma, and so neither the therapists nor the doctors ever learned that she’d been sexually abused as a child.”

Yet ANOTHER example of “journalists” lying to push an agenda. (See our Publisher’s Desk article)
Family Of Kid Accused Of Blackface Sues Deadspin
“By selectively capturing from the CBS broadcast an image of H.A. showing only the one side of his face with black paint on it — an effort that took laser-focused precision to accomplish given how quickly the boy appeared on screen: Phillips and Deadspin deliberately omitted the half of H.A.’s face with red paint on it.”

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