Prison for Online “Anti Government” Speech; Meghan Wins Lawsuit; New Trends in Publishing… – In The News 02/12/2021

Prison for Online “Anti Government” Speech; Meghan Wins Lawsuit; New Trends in Publishing… – In The News 02/12/2021

Google Following Facebook’s Example
Google to Start Paying UK News Publishers for Content
“Google News Showcase allows publishers to decide which stories to showcase and how to present them and will even grant users limited access to material behind publisher paywalls.”

New Publishing Trends – Will Audio Sweep the Market?
Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry
“Publishers are making it easier to get published and are taking the time to release blocks associated with writing.”

Why Your Favorite Magazines are Morphing Into Books
“They are less dependent on advertising — a once reliable source of revenue that continues to be eaten up by tech platforms like Facebook and Google.”

Markle Wins Lawsuit Against “Mail” with no Trial
Duchess Meghan wins privacy lawsuit against British tabloid: ‘Damage runs deep’
“Taken as a whole the disclosures were manifestly excessive and hence unlawful. There is no prospect that a different judgment would be reached after a trial.”

It’s as Easy as Calling it “Insurrection.”
Myanmar May Target Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests
“Myanmar already has harsh laws restricting online speech, but opponents of the military say the proposed law is so broad that it would allow the authorities to arrest anyone who criticized the government online and imprison them for up to three years.”


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