Amazon Ebook Investigation; $800 Hardcover; Censorship; and More! …In The News – 01/14/2021

Amazon Ebook Investigation; $800 Hardcover; Censorship; and More! …In The News – 01/14/2021

But CAN Amazon be Reigned In?
Connecticut Investigating Amazon’s e-book business
“The investigation is examining whether Amazon engaged in anticompetitive behavior in the e-book business through its agreements with certain publishers…”

Censorship of a Homosexual Anti-Antifa Journalist…
Powell’s Closes Early Again Amid Andy Ngo Book Protest
“Nevertheless, an angry crowd assembled outside the store’s Burnside location in Portland’s Pearl District, attaching signs denouncing Ngo to the windows.”

$800 for a Book?!
‘Bridgerton’s’ author doesn’t want you to pay $800 for her books
“…if you’re just looking for a book to read, please, save your money and wait for the paperback to be reprinted. Or get an e-book.”

Imprisoned for Writing the Truth About COVID
No appeal for China’s Jailed Coronavirus Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan
“Zhang began to refuse food soon after her arrest in May last year in protest, and was force-fed during her detention through a nasal tube, which she was physically restrained from removing.”

No, you are NOT a journalist!
Some who stormed the Capitol, including a Proud Boys leader, claim they were citizen journalists
“The two — who view themselves as gonzo journalists in the image of the late Hunter S. Thompson — paused for a photograph in front of a door where someone had scrawled ‘Murder the Media.’ They identified themselves as reporters to police, who didn’t stop them, NeCarlo said.”

Imagine not being able to find a job just because people don’t like your old boss.
Forbes op-ed warns companies about hiring ‘fabulists’ from Trump administration
“‘Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie,’ Lane wrote in a piece published Thursday.”

Make up your mind already!
Steve Forbes defends publishing controversial op-ed, says he doesn’t support ‘blacklists’ of Trump staffers
“Steve Forbes, the chairman and CEO of Forbes Media, denounced blacklists of Trump administration officials in his defense of a controversial op-ed in his magazine threatening companies who hire Trump ‘fabulists.'”

Media LITERACY initiative or Censorship?
AOC’s suggestion of commission to ‘rein in’ media slammed as ‘wholly un-American’
“Media watchdogs are shocked and appalled that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that Congress is looking into media literacy initiatives, including a commission to help ‘rein in’ misinformation in the wake of last week’s deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol – and one critic slammed AOC’s suggestion as ‘wholly un-American.'”

When your lawyer is a moron… (He got fired after the video surfaced.)
PBS lawyer suggested sending children of Trump voters to ‘reeducation camps’ where ‘they watch PBS all day’
“What are you going to do if we don’t win?” the undercover journalist asks in one conversation. “Go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails,” Beller responds with a grin.

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