Recreation News

Recreation News

“Print edition is monthly with more frequent electronic products. Recreation News Media Group has unique access to the huge federal employee base (civilian and military) in the Northern Virginia, Washington, and Maryland areas. We cover Mid-Atlantic travel destinations. Most stories are assigned as we are working with local tourism offices, attractions, and accommodations.” 80% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 1-3 months after acceptance. Buys first U.S. rights. Accepts reprints for a lower fee. Responds within 24-48 hours. Sample copies available online – click on “current issue” at the top of the homepage. Guidelines by email.

Pays $100/article of 600 words; $200/assigned pieces that are longer.



Quill Content Address: 57 Rathbone Place London London W1t1JU United Kingdom Email: Website/URL: ATTN: Sarah Hytner-Marriott Pays Monthly via PayPal, based on £ 120-150 day rates Do you have a killer eye for detail and a knack for capturing different tones of voice? Are you looking to sharpen your editorial skills and build […]

Adventure Cyclist

“Adventure Cyclist is the only American magazine dedicated to traveling by bicycle. We also cover other recreational cycling topics but do not cover competitive cycling.” 70% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 46.5K. Publishes 9 issues/year. Pays on publication. Publishes ms one year after acceptance. Buys first rights. No reprints. Sample copy available online. Subscription $40. Pays $0.35-$0.65/word for up to 3500 words.

Saley Publications

“Saley Publications offers three visitor guides in central Alberta, Canada.” Circ. 20K. Annual. Pays after publication. Buys all rights. Accepts reprints. Pays $0.04/word for 300-1000 words.

TravelSmart Newsletter

“We are in our 34th year, thus making us the oldest consumer travel newsletter in the nation. We do not accept advertising, so our readers trust and act upon our advice.” Welcomes new writers. 50% freelance. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publish time of ms varies. Accepts reprints. Responds within several weeks. Sample copy available by email. Subscription $39, $64 foreign. Guidelines available by email at

Aruba Nights

85% freelance. “Lifestyle & travel magazines with an editorial focus that targets the visitor who is already on the island. Includes stories on activities, dining, shopping, history and culture. Distributed free-of-charge throughout each respective location.” Welcomes new
writers. Circ. Bonaire Nights 80K; others 150K to 250K. Annual (December). Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 10-12 months after acceptance. Buys first Caribbean and N.A. rights. No reprints. Responds 1 month. Sample $5 (US) payable to Nights Publications, Inc. No SASE required. Subscription not available.

Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc.

Founded in 1977 by journalist/professor/study abroad advisor Dr. Clay Hubbs as an educational travel magazine. Now our webzine, “TAzine,” is the only online periodical for work, volunteering, study, educational & responsible travel, and living overseas. “We publish practical information-filled stories about these subjects, no travel journals, no cruise ship or U.S. destination pieces. We focus on the people, and responsible immersion into another culture, and not bringing your own culture with you.” Website receives up to 8 million visitors yearly; 60% of audience is U.S; almost all college and post-graduates. Period between acceptance and publication varies, but is usually within a month. Buys one-time rights for Web. Responds 1-14 days if interested. Browse featured articles on website. Detailed writers’ guidelines for submissions for inclusion on our website, webzine (“TAzine”), and three annual contests are here: