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Verge Magazine
P.O. Box 147
Peterborough Ontario, Canada K9J 6Y5


Editor: Jeff Minthorn, Editor-in-Chief
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About The Publication:

“Verge is the magazine for people who travel with purpose. It explores ways to get out and see the world by volunteering, working and studying overseas. Our readers are typically young (17-40 years), or young at heart, active, independent travelers who want to do something different and make a difference doing it. Some are seasoned travelers who have seen a good part of the world. Many are contemplating overseas travel for the first time and want to do it in a meaningful way.” Welcomes new writers. “New digital content appears on our website daily. Our digital magazine, which is sent out to subscribers, is published four times/year.” Pays 45 days after publication. Publishes ms 1-6 months after acceptance. Buys: “First rights to the material for print, online and electronic publishing; the right to edit the submitted material for publication; the non-exclusive right to reproduce the material in Verge Magazine; and the non-exclusive right to reproduce the material, with the Contributor’s byline, as part of the database of the magazine or in any electronic or online product derived from the database.” Doesn’t accept reprints. Responds after 8 weeks. Sample at website. Subscriptions $12 annually. Guidelines online at

Current Needs:

“Pitches for all sections.” Pays $60 flat rate. “Max length between 400-2,000 words, which most assigned articles being between 800-1,000 word. Submit query via email or via mail with international SASE.”

Pays $60 flat rate. “Max length between 400-2,000 words, which most assigned articles being between 800-1,000 word


“Negotiable after story is accepted.” Pays $20 CDN ($15 US) for first; $10 CDN ($8 US) for subsequent photos.


“Any material resembling ‘advertorial’, promotional writing or material that covers a specific organization in an overtly promotional way will not be considered. If your story is about one particular organization or company, try to focus your discussion on the industry as a whole or broaden your coverage to mention other organizations that are doing similar work in the same field.”

Welcomes New Writers:

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