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I started writing for money over 20 years ago. I had no experience, no direction, no formal training, no money, and a wife and two kids who depended on me for sustenance and covering. I lived in a small town in Florida, and worked on a coffee table in the corner of my bedroom, using a second-hand Smith Corona portable electric typewriter that rendered several crooked letters. My work in the construction trade was erratic, so I thought I might write stories for Reader’s Digest for some extra money. After numerous rejections and zero extra money, I decided to rethink my idea. I discovered a book called Sell Copy by Webster Kuswa. In it he described ways to make money writing advertising, direct mail, and other forms of business related communications.

I practiced Mr. Kuswa’s writing techniques, and tried some direct mail of my own. To my delight a local company responded to my typed and copied sales letter and agreed to pay me for writing services. I was na