Travel Stories Right in Your Backyard By Joan Airey

Travel articles can be written without leaving your backyard. In July, my oldest son informed me that a business acquaintance was leading trail riders and a wagon on a two-week trek starting from our hometown.

Immediately the wheels started turning. How do I find out when they are leaving Rivers so I can photograph them in hopes of selling photographs to agriculture-related newspapers? My first lead on the story offered to take photographs for me as he was taking part in the first day of the ride. The offer was nice but I wanted to take my own photographs that I could market.

After making a long distance call to the person who was leading the trail ride and getting an answering machine, I left a lengthy message telling him what I wanted to do. After waiting three days for a return call, I was getting impatient, to say the least. I tried the two phone numbers I had for him, leaving one message again. At last the return phone call came. He informed me he doesn’t carry his cell and checks it when it’s convenient for him. He added,