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Paying Devotional Markets! By Sue Carloni

I was well published with essays, articles, children’s stories and poetry appearing in both religious and secular magazines. But there was one genre I had never thought to explore – devotionals – until a writer friend suggested I delve into this genre. Because these magazines publish daily devotionals, there is plenty of opportunity for sales…

7 Paying Humor Markets for Freelance Writers By Emma Larkins

7 Paying Humor Markets for Freelance Writers By Emma Larkins

There are plenty of markets for humor writing in the freelance world. However, the competitiveness of the industry has driven many people to the point of execrating their poor, defenseless monitors or mailboxes. After all, the more competitive a market, the less you’re going to get paid – in part because you’ll likely have a lower successful return on your submissions rate, and in part because if you think the pay is too low your job will be given to a horde of saps chomping at the bit to make money doing something that’s “fun”.
So, how do you get around the fact that everybody and their grandmother wants to attach themselves to the laugh-powered gravy train, regardless of actual skill or quality of sense of humor? Instead of focusing on “just” writing humor, the wise freelancer should find ways to integrate material capable of inducing involuntary grins into articles for niches that aren’t strictly focused on being funny…

8 Paying Health Markets By John Riddle

In case you had not noticed, America is getting older. And while that might cause alarm for some people, for freelance writers, it is time to dance a jig. Why? Because with the so-called “graying of America,” the opportunity to write for health markets has “exploded, and reached an all time high.” And it will continue to grow and grow and grow…


I’ve been a teacher of writing for 25 years in colleges and universities. I began writing for education markets five years ago when I wrote and published three editorials at The Adjunct Advocate. This week, I sold an article to an education journal about using disability literature in writing and reading classrooms.
I’ve found (and hope you will, too) that the education market is a booming platform for inspired articles about all aspects of education.

Paying Parenting Markets By Julie Engelhardt

During the past fifteen years or so I’ve been fortunate enough to write for a variety of different publications, primarily magazines and newspapers that are either local or regional. I’ve written for lifestyle magazines, home and garden magazines, and general interest magazines, but the majority of my work has been with parenting and family magazines.