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Outpost Magazine
250 Augusta Ave
Toronto Ontario, Canada M5T 2L7

Website: http://www.outpostmagazine.com
Guidelines: http://www.outpostmagazine.com/25-outpost-information/173-contributor-%20guidelines-contribute-to-our-travel-magazine-and-travel-website

Editor: Michael (online editor); Deborah, Editor-in-Chief
Email address: submissions@outpostmagazine.com

About The Publication:

“Canada’s only international adventure-travel magazine.” Warmly welcomes new writers. Bi-monthly print; weekly online. Pays on publication. Publishes manuscript within a month of acceptance if publishing online; longer for print. Buys exclusive story rights; photo rights vary with the story. No reprints. Responds within a month. Back issues available online at http://the-outpost- shop.myshopify.com. Digital copies available on iTunes and PocketMags. Subscription $20 (CAD); $30 (CAD) international. Guidelines online at http://www.outpostmagazine.com/25-outpost-information/173-contributor- guidelines-contribute-to-our-travel-magazine-and-travel-website.

Current Needs:

“Adventure stories, insider’s guides to little-known destinations. No specific area right now.” Submit query or complete ms (on spec preferred) via email.

Pays up to $50 (CAD) for online publication for 800-1500 words; competitive rates for longer articles in print.


“Photos preferred. Pay is included within total price, negotiated between editors and the writer.”


“Pitch a /specific/ story. Whenever someone writes us saying, ‘I went to Europe, check out my blog,’ rest assured that we very rarely check out their blogs.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes