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March 14, 2007

Paying Markets And Freelance Jobs For March 14th | printable version


These are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

HeartLand Boating magazine, 319 N. Fourth St., Suite 650, St. Louis, MO 63102. P(314)241-4310. Website Ms. Lee C. Braff, Editor. Only accepts submissions from May 15 - July 1 of each year. 80% freelance. "Devoted to both power and sail boating enthusiasts throughout Middle America, HeartLand Boating's readership lives between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Our stories reflect the lifestyle of the boater: the challenge, joy and excitement of life afloat. We rarely use poetry or solely humorous articles. We do NOT accept fiction." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 8500. 9 issues/year. Pays on publication. Period between acceptance and publication "varies a lot, but is usually at least six-eight months later, because an entire year is planned in advance at one time. It's the reason for the six-week submission window." Buys "first North American serial rights for a very limited time. Depending on the month of publication, it ranges from six months to about a year." Accepts reprints, "as long as the date of previous publication and readerships are widely separate. I try to acknowledge receipt at once. Outside of the submission window May 15 to July 1, there may a long delay. During the submission period, as soon as possible. I try to do it within a month." Sample $5. Subscription $19. Guidelines by mail with SASE. If requesting sample copy with guidelines, send large SASE with $2.07 in postage.
CURRENT NEEDS: Only accepts submissions from May 15 - July 1 of each year. "Always need descriptions of boat trips and marinas, plus other regular features. For details, see guidelines." Pays $40-$295. Articles range from 100-word book reviews to 2,000-word major features. Submit "bio/clips plus story query and request for guidelines. The guidelines provide information about categories of ideas and proposals that are needed."
PHOTOS/ART: "Ideally, photos accompany stories and are part of the package we negotiate for. Ask for photo guidelines." No additional pay. "We also do photo layouts, with minimal wordage."
HINTS: "Please read the magazine first! I'd say 60 percent of unsolicited mss deal with subjects outside of our geographic area and must automatically be rejected for that reason."

Katy Magazine, 20501 Katy Freeway, Suite 102, Katy, TX 77450. Email editor - at - Website Katrina Katsarelis, Editor-in-Chief. 90% freelance. "A beautiful, upscale, community and family publication targeted to families in Katy Texas." Welcomes new writers, if they live in Katy, Texas. Circ. 40K. Quarterly. Payment terms discussed on assignment. Publishes ms approx. 6 weeks after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds 10 days. "We do not respond to queries from outside of Katy Texas."Sample articles online. Subscription $16. Guidelines by email.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Local stories and resource guides, inspirational people stories; anything of interest pertaining to Katy Texas. Content is upbeat and family friendly." Pays "$100 for features (800-900-words), $50 for spotlight pieces ($300-500 words) $25 for Resource Guides such as listings and such." Submit query and clips by email.
PHOTOS/ART: "We provide; writer may help coordinate details of the photo shoots with our photographer."
HINTS: "We do not use writers who do not live in Katy Texas."

The No B.S. Golf Newsletter, 45 Doverdale Rd, Greenville, SC 29615. P(864)675-0038. Email Richard - at - Website Richard C. Myers, Editor. Publishes one freelance article per issue. "Free golf training newsletter." Welcomes new writers. Circ 43K. Weekly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms usually within 1 month of acceptance. Buys one-time rights. Accept reprints. Usually responds within 24 hours. Sample online. Subscription free. Guidelines by email.
CURRENT NEEDS: "300-800 word articles pertaining to golf, golf equipment, and golf-related subjects. Need good content, not just articles. Would also like to have reviews of some golf books. Submit query by email.
HINTS: "I can always use good golf training articles of 300-500 words. I am not hard to please, I just need information that will help my golfers and keep them coming back to my newsletter. Articles on different new golf equipment, balls, etc. Also golf book reviews and anything pertaining to golf."

Outdoor Canada magazine, Transcontinental Media, 25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 100, North York, Ontario M2N 6S7, Canada. P(416)733-7600. F(416) 227-8296. Email walsh - at - Website Patrick Walsh, Editor. 10% freelance. "Outdoor Canada is Canada's leading national magazine for those interested in traditional outdoor activities. We cover fishing, hunting and related conservation issues. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 90K. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 1-5 months after acceptance. Buys FNASR. Responds 6 - 8 weeks. Sample by email to Subscription $24 (CDN). Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "Well-researched and relevant queries that focus on fishing, hunting or related conservation issues; how-to and service features, regional news, queries that target specific departments in the magazine. Pays from $0.50/word (CDN). Submit queries only with clips and bio.

Preservation: The Magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1785 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036. P(202)588-6388. F(202)588-6266. Email preservation - at - Website Sudip Bose, Senior Editor (news); Arnold Berke, Executive Editor (preservation and planning); Margaret Foster, Website Editor. Salvatore Deluca, Assistant Editor. 85% freelance. "Preservation Online, the magazine's website, offers excerpts from the magazine and original content every day. We look for timely stories about historic neighborhoods or buildings that are undergoing change or conflict. We welcome well-researched queries from new writers. We are a magazine of travel, history, architecture, the environment, planning/land use, and historic preservation. We think of ourselves as a magazine about place. The writing we publish ranges from straightforward reporting to narrative nonfiction and essays. We won the National Magazine Award for general excellence for magazines with circulations of 100K-400K in 1998." Rarely works with new writers. "Most writers we use are experienced journalists or essayists." Circ. 250K. Bimonthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 2-12 months after acceptance. Buys one-time and some electronic and archival rights. No reprints. Responds 2 weeks to 2 months. Sample $5 at newsstands, or give them a call. Subscription $20. Guidelines are below.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Excellent writing and reporting." Pays $1/word for features and major departments; $0.50/word for news features and book reviews. Articles must be 500-5,000 words. Submit query with clips by mail with SASE or by email. "Please include email address for quicker response. Editorial guidelines: The magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, although the editors do review query letters from established writers. Unsolicited photographs must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope; however, the magazine assumes no responsibility for such photographs. Please do not send unsolicited slides.
PHOTOS/ART: Contact Jessie Despard, Photo Editor. Payment negotiable. See guidelines in preceding paragraph.
HINTS: "Because we cover preservation subjects in every issue, it is paradoxically hard to pitch us a preservation story unless it has some surprising angle. Please do not pitch us a story unless you've made a serious effort to read and understand the sensibility and approach of our magazine."

Stone Soup, the magazine by young writers and artists, P.O. Box 83, Santa Cruz, CA 95063. P(831)426-5557. F(831)426-1161. Website Ms. Gerry Mandel, Editor. 100% freelance. "Stone Soup is a literary magazine made up entirely of stories, poems, book reviews, and illustrations by children ages 8 to 13. We do not publish any writing or art by adults at all." Warmly welcomes new writers. Circ 20K. 6 issues/year. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 3-8 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. No reprints. Sample $5.75 by phone or online. Subscription $34; $38 Canada; $42 other. Guidelines online at or by mail with SASE.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Stories by children about real life experience. We do not publish any writing or art by adults." Pays flat fee $40 for 2500 words maximum. Submit complete ms by mail with SASE. "The editors only respond to work they can use. No response means the work cannot be used. No email submissions allowed.
PHOTOS/ART: "Send samples of your artwork if you are age 13 or younger and you would like to illustrate for us." Pays $25 per illustration.
HINTS: "Please don't send queries, just send submission. Please read stories on our website to get an idea of the kind of work we publish."


Freelance Writers - Pays $0.05-$0.20/word

Freelance Luxury Writer - requires free registration
Lexington Avenue

Freelance Writers
Global Infotech Corporation

Freelance Writers
The Real Deal magazine

Freelance Sportswriter - to cover a hockey tournament in the San Jose area beginning March 23 and running through April 1.
Red Line Editorial

Freelance Military History Writers - Pays $0.10/word

Freelance Health/Cancer Writers - Pays $0.25/word (Canadian)
newsletter publisher

Freelance Associate Transcript Editor - Pays $25-$40/hour.

Freelance Web Content Writer - Pays $8/hour
blind ad

Practice Exam / Guide Writer - Academic Decathlon andTOEFL. Pays $100+/exam; $1500+/study-guide.

Freelance Editorial Assistant - near Westchester, NY
editor of international psychoanalytic journal

Freelance Editorial Director
Jupitermedia Corporation

Freelance Writers
IT Ascent

Freelance Production/Sub-editor
Newzeye Ltd

Freelance Validation Documentation Writer - near Philadelphia, PA. Only 50% of work is off-site.
pharmaceutical company

Freelance Journalist Assistant - Pays $18/hour.
"renowned journalist"

Freelance Writers/Editors - for news website
blind ad

Freelance Technical Writer/Reporter - to provide support to the Department of Defense (DoD) approximately 500 hours a year. Contingent on award of contract.
blind ad

Freelance Editor
for memoir

Freelance "Green" Writers - Pays $15/hour

Freelance Content Managers
Nielsen Business Media

Freelance Writers - Pays $40-$45
Cupcake, a private members club & spa for pregnant women and new mothers


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