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January 27, 2010

Amazon Backs Down! Settles Antitrust Lawsuit Filed By BookLocker | printable version

Readers respond to our announcement last week.

As a trial lawyer, I appreciate what you did in your lawsuit, and the work of your attorneys. Thank you for supporting not only your own position, but also that of "small" authors.

And thank you for refusing to have any confidentiality clause.




Great news! We‚ll have to continue to watch and see how practices in the future.

Thank you, Angela, for your voice. It spoke for all of us that see the unfairness in large corporate companies that choose to practice by holding smaller companies and individuals hostage due to greed.

Best success to you and your company in the future.

Warm regards,

Toni Dianne Holm, Publisher
Word Keepers, Inc.


Angela: CONGRATULATIONS ! You did a favor for all of us and we are grateful. I have forwarded this to the "bookmonger", who writes book reviews for numerous newspapers in the northwest.

Best to you and your family.

Paul Steucke
Burbia Boy



Thank you so much for taking a stand. Many authors will stand in admiration for your efforts and attitude about the money.

May the blessings of our creator shower upon you!



Hi Angela,

Congrats on your great victory! I admire your courage and persistence. Keep up your outstanding work and support of authors.

Best wishes,

Lee Basnar

Northern Lights & Shadows: Sixteen Years in the Alaska Bush
Vietnam Vignettes - Tales of an Infantryman



Congratulations!!!! You have neutered the 800-pound gorilla! That's wonderful news! Maybe Amazon will be more considerate of the rest of the world in the future. You should put some kind of trophy on your desk. A gorilla head, maybe?

Best regards,
Marshall Thomas
Secret of the Legion
Slave of the Legion
Soldier of the Legion
The Black March


Congrats, Angela! I'm not a big fan of Amazon. For a short time about ten years ago, I sold a couple of books I authored and self-published through Amazon with their 'Advantage' program, among other outlets. Large corporations pretty much think they can dictate terms to the rest of us. They get all the tax breaks, but small businesses are basically on their own (not news to you I'm sure). Unfortunately, it takes time and money to get civil justice, with all of the sleepless nights and premature aging that goes with it.

Nevertheless, nice going! In this case I'll bet you think it was all worth it. Never let the bastards grind you down!



Congratulations on your felling Goliath!

Carol Frey
Becoming Family


Angela and Richard,


I am pleased to know that there are still some United States of America citizens around who fight for what is right, even in the publishing business!


Hal Drake
A. E. van Vogt: Science Fantasy's Icon


Great news, Angela! I'm sure you are glad to get that behind you.

I have to say that the one thing, above all, that I have enjoyed about you and BookLocker is that you are forthright. Realizing that you really don't have to let me or anyone else know what is going on, you do so anyway, and always with total disclosure. I greatly appreciate your candor and open attitude.

Jeff Corkran
Director/Owner, C2C Training and Consulting

Steer the Wheel


Angela, Richard & Team, congratulations on a hard job well done! Your personal sacrifices on behalf of all us little guys is admirable and inspiring. Please feel appreciated.. for this fight, and your consistent professionalism over the years.

Lonny J. Brown, HHC
Enlightenment in Our Time - Second Edition


Congratulations Angela! What a fantastic, courageous accomplishment. Not many would have the courage to call out a giant like Amazon and win.

Celebrate with gusto!


Tom Carroll

The Confession of Mason Young



I just read about Amazon's settlement. Congratulations to you and Booklocker -- I've said it before, I'll say it again, no one kicks (bleep!) and takes names like Angela Hoy!



Angela, just reading the Amazon PDF file about the settlement. Laughing, thinking how they would have saved themselves a lot of money and legal fees if they had just done the right thing in the first place.



Dear Angela and Richard

First let me congratulate you heartily on your successful outcome concerning Amazon. A real David and Goliath story and one that will certainly become a landmark in self-publishing history. Even though you had to go it alone, your courage, determination and sheer hard work has opened the door for every other small publisher to protect themselves from the cavalier bullying of giants like Amazon. It makes me even prouder than before to be amongst your stable of authors.

Simon Boswell

THE ELGAR ENIGMAS: A Musical Mystery
The Seven Symphonies: A Finnish Murder Mystery


As my Alaskan native friend says,"Tanku". It took sacrifice and determination to keep up a fight few would have had the courage to take on with the Amazon Antitrust Suit. Bless you for it.

Catherine J. Craig

The Golden Thread


Angela and Richard,


What wonderful news that you prevailed on the Amazon suit. You really are "David" to that Goliath!

The August court decision was grand, and I wondered in the interim what might be going on. This was news worth waiting for, however. I can't imagine the toll the lawsuit must have taken on you both despite your being on the right side of the issue.

Enjoy the heck out of your trip next week. This writer thanks you for your courageous stand.

Best regards,


Thank God you beat the blood-sucking Amazon, and what a shame that the other PODs tucked their tails between their legs and hid in the bushes. I will never recommend any of the ones who turned you down, and I plan to put links to all the lawsuit info on my up-coming site,

Yea for Booklocker.




CONGRATS!!!! You just did the David/Goliath thing!

A lot of authors owe you much, and not just the print-on-demand authors. If Amazon could have pulled off such a power play against the print-on-demand authors, they would have also gone after the others.

Thanks from all of us.



Hi Angela,

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this lawsuit. You are an inspiration. Lawsuits move through the system so slowly, yet it is almost impossible to get them off your mind to get on with the day-to-day business of living. Thank you so much for the sacrifices you have made to help not only POD publishers but the authors you all serve.

Pam D.
Hopeful Author!



I am incredibly proud that YOU are my publisher!

I spent the 1970s+ as a literal in-the-street activist (anti-war, equal rights amendment, ecology stuff, etc). Right now these media access issues are JUST AS IMPORTANT to the entire society.

Your ferocity is SO valuable. It is always SOOO tempting to back off, turn back to family responsibilities & leave "the big picture" to others. And at times in our lives that is right. But I hope you are getting good rewards now for your determined efforts -- time with kids, extra chocolate, whatever!!

The graphic (in my email) is 1915 sheet music of one of my theme-songs...written from jail in honor of a teenage girl...not to assume anything further about your politics, just to be sure you appreciate your place in the activism lineage!

Joanna Cazden
How to Take Care of Your Voice: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers




I appreciate the time, cost and legal actions taken by Booklocker, you and others. Your determined stance and the impressive final results should land your compadres and you in a future Booklocker Hall of Fame. You've humbled "The Book Giant"...and for that, I'm grateful, but I'll not rescind my boycott. :0)

Thank you!

Patricia Spork


Dear Angela˜

Hooray!! You and Richard are my heroes.

As a long-time member of the ACLU, I'm painfully aware of how infrequently Amazon's kind of misbehavior gets both adjudicated and fully exposed in the public record. A mom-and-pop operation out of Bangor, Maine humbles an arrogant behemoth in the full light of day! You've compensated me for years of disappointment.




Thank you so much for filing the lawsuit and for sticking to your guns. I'm looking forward to reading about it, and appreciate your posting it for us. Without you, their new policies wouldn't have been challenged, and Amazon would have gotten away with it. Thank you very, very much. Good job.

Ginny McCown
Quest for the Crown


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