WritersWeekly Whispers and Warnings for August 12

WritersWeekly Whispers and Warnings for August 12

Well? Since you offered to work for free, what did you expect?
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sued by interns complaining of tyranny
“The documents filed in Manhattan’s Supreme Court state that Shahista Lalani, a Parsons School of Design grad, worked over 50 hours a week between May 2012 and September 2012 as an unpaid intern…”

The most controversial books get the most press!
Romance Novel About Nazi Guard and Concentration Camp Inmate Has Everyone Angry
“Romance writers took to social media to express bewilderment that such a book should be recognized, calling attention to the obvious power imbalance within the relationship and the use of the Jewish genocide as a vehicle for Christian redemption.”

It it piracy? Or, Identity theft? And, what can these authors do about it?!
Russian publisher prints books on Putin under names of Western authors
“A Russian publishing house has printed a series of books about President Vladimir Putin under the names of Western analysts and journalists without the authors’ permission.”

Interesting read about the history of Little Orphan Annie’s creator!
The Surprisingly Controversial Plots That Almost Got ‘Little Orphan Annie’ Axed
“She survived everything from shipwreck to mob hits as her creator, the cartoonist and conservative political thinker Harold Gray, painted her into a corner each week. But the real threats to Annie’s survival came from newspaper editors, who occasionally objected to plotlines in which the plucky redhead appeared to be little more than a mouthpiece for Gray’s controversial political views.”

Gawker crossed the line!
Gawker Publisher Nick Denton ‘Regrets’ Gay Escort Piece, Takes It Down
“Gawker is taking down the controversial post that outed a media executive for allegedly setting up—and ultimately not following through with—a meeting with a male escort, Gawker CEO Nick Denton announced this afternoon.”

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