Whispers And Warnings For September 4th

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Warner Music Aims to Keep ‘Happy Birthday’ Away From Public Domain
“The music publisher points out some key flaws in a lawsuit that looks to establish that “Happy Birthday” belongs to all.”

Don’t tread on Chubby Checker
“Famed singer Chubby Checker is suing Hewlett Packard for using his name – which he has trademarked – on a mobile phone software application.”

Heads up, ebook buyers: Here’s how much you’re likely to get in the Apple ebook settlement
“Consumers who bought eligible ebooks between 2010 and 2012 are likely to receive up to $3.06 per book.”

Airline passenger buys tweet promotion to shame airline into finding lost luggage
And, it worked!

Former Patch editor sues over treatment during pregnancy, chronic illness
“In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal district court, the former editor alleges abusive tactics.”

College papers cutting back on print editions
“At least three college newspapers announced this month that they’re going to cut their print schedules…”

Links to the stories above can be found here: