Whispers And Warnings For October 8th

Absolute Write / absolutewrite.com / Absolute Classes / absoluteclasses.com / MacAllister Stone – Writer alleges she’s owed money; Publisher pays writer after contact from WritersWeekly; writer claims payment was short $50.00.

Annette Young / The Creative Competitor / creative-competitor.co.uk – Publisher responds (what do you think about this story?), and the alleged victim reports them to the police department.

THIRD, FOURTH and FIFTH COMPLAINTS received about RiseUp Publications, LLC. / usariseup.com / Ellis Management Marketing
Group / EMMG / emmg.net / Janice Ellis / Christopher Ellis, et. al.
– And, publisher sends lame form responses regarding each one to WritersWeekly.

The Smart Set / thesmartset.com (formerly Dragonfire / https://www.dfire.org) / Drexel University – Pennoni Honors College/
https://www.drexel.edu/honors / Jason Wilson, Editor of the Best American Travel anthology series
– What do you think about this situation, readers?