Whispers And Warnings For October 2nd

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Yahoo! settles copyright lawsuit with Singapore news publisher
“US Internet giant Yahoo! has settled a two-year lawsuit filed by Asian media group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) over the reproduction of its news content without permission.”

EA Sports Cuts ‘NCAA Football’ Series, Settles Lawsuit
“In the summer, the NCAA stopped allowing EA Sports to use its name or logo… after former players sued over their likenesses being used for free.”

Harry Winston sues failed ad agency for $1M
“Jeweler to the stars Harry Winston is suing defunct luxury ad agency Lipman and its parent, Revolate Holdings, for leaving it nearly $2 million out of pocket.”

Danish drama: The curious case of a journalist and a plagiarised Britney Spears essay
“Jean Hannah Edelstein was delighted when an obscure article she’d written about Britney Spears became a part of the Danish curriculum. But when she learnt that knock-off study notes about her piece were being flogged online, she set out to track the perps down.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: