Whispers And Warnings For October 1st

Annette Young / The Creative Competitor / creative-competitor.co.uk – Writer alleges the contests this firm is running are fraudulent. WritersWeekly alleges this firm copied their 24-Hour Writing Contest idea.

Tove Warmerdam / Seattle Dog Magazine / Queen Dog Publishing – Don’t miss this one!

SECOND COMPLAINT about RiseUp Publications, LLC. / usariseup.com / Ellis Management Marketing Group / EMMG / emmg.net / Janice Ellis / Christopher Ellis / collegeoutlook.net / – Publisher of For Posterity, Achieve, Creative Outlook, College Outlook Counselor’s Guide, The Business Kit, RX Dialogue, The Compliance Monitor, Future of Asthma, Managed Care Training, Pharmaceutical Representatives Companion, and Digest-ables – Writer alleges she’s owed $900 and sends copies of emails sent by RiseUp to writers claiming their payables are back up, etc., etc., blah, blah.