Whispers And Warnings For October 14th

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eBook Sales Down Almost 4% in the First Half of 2013, AAP Reports
“…total ebook and audiobook sales (across all segments) decreased by 3.6% for the first 6 months of 2013 ($828.4 million vs $860 million).”

The Secrets of Bezos
What’s Jeff Bezos like behind closed doors? Would you want to work for this guy?

Two Philly Inquirer owners sue company, publisher
“Two owners of The Philadelphia Inquirer sued their company and publisher Thursday over this week’s firing of Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Bill Marimow…”

Delaware judge lifts veil covering Al Jazeera-AT&T case
“Al Jazeera must unseal its lawsuit against AT&T Inc within five business days after a Delaware judge sided on Monday with news organizations that objected to secrecy in the case.”

Two suits seek withheld police report from Sparta
“After repeatedly proclaiming their support for transparency, Sparta officials will now have an opportunity to explain to a judge how their notion of transparency comports with denying access to public records.”

Hero of Captain Phillips Movie Portrayed as Villain in Lawsuit
“The big movie this weekend is the well-reviewed Captain Phillips, a high-seas piracy drama based on a 2009 hijacking in which Tom Hanks plays the eponymous Richard Phillips. In real life, some of Phillips’s former crew members are complaining about how Hollywood told their story.”

Small university shop at centre of India publishing row
“Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Taylor & Francis have filed a lawsuit against Delhi University and a small shop for producing “course packs” — de facto “textbooks” made of photocopied portions of various books…”

Links to the stories above can be found here: