Whispers And Warnings For November 13th

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Tom Cruise’s attorney compares journalist to a Nazi as intimidating new letters are revealed in ongoing $50m court battle
“Documents obtained by RadarOnline in conjuction with the actor’s court battle, show Bert Fields using intimidation tactics in attempt to quash a story by The Hollywood Reporter’s Kim Masters, which discussed the effect a Vanity Fair article on Scientology would have on Cruise’s career.”

‘Doctor Who’ Time Machine Copyright Challenged
“Writer Tony Coburn’s son, Stef Coburn, has launched a provocative copyright claim that argues that ‘Tardis,’ the time machine that looks like a blue police phone box, no longer belongs to the BBC.”

When can you legally copy someone else’s work?
“Attorney explains how ‘fair use’ works.”

Music publishers’ association issues takedown notices to 50 lyrics websites
“The US National Music Publishers’ Association has sent takedown notices to the top 50 sites that host song lyrics without a licence.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: