Whispers And Warnings For May 29th

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Penguin agrees to $75M settlement in Apple iBooks price fixing lawsuit
“Book publisher Penguin announced on Wednesday it has reached a $75 million ‘comprehensive agreement’ with U.S. State Attorneys General and private class plaintiffs over e-book price fixing allegations connected to Apple and its iBookstore for iOS.”

Apple all alone in ebook scandal
“In less than a week, Apple could meet Connecticut and Texas in court to face allegations that the tech giant colluded to fix prices of electronic books.”

Defendants in 500G libel suit say Staten Island neighbor has it wrong
Couple posted sign about “pervert” in neighborhood videotaping their daughter but didn’t name the individual. They claim a different neighbor sued them for libel.

Daily News – Cleared of libel
“The powers that be over at the headquarters of the Inquirer and Daily News are surely breathing sighs of relief…”

Canada: Stacking the libel-law deck against plaintiffs
“Until recently, Canadian law offered few defences to most publishers. But that changed in 2009, when the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Grant v Torstar, which introduced into Canadian law the defence of ‘responsible communication in the public interest.'”

Links to stories above are here: