Whispers and Warnings For March 9th

This Week:

  • InstantPublisher.com – Inquiry only. Anybody worked with them?
  • Full Circle Literary in San Diego – Inquiry only. Anybody worked with them?
  • Absey & Co / Ed Wilson – Another complaint. Writer says note from this firm was “degrading, mean spirited and just down right nasty.”
  • ELiberty Press – Copyright violation accusation.
  • Artist First Radio – Readers weigh on in show that wants “donation” if you want to be interviewed
  • McKenna Publishing / Sligo Agents – Writer Beware reports complaints have been rec’d about this firm. While author claims good experience here.
  • BookAnnouncements.com – Publisher responds and readers find unsatisfactory BBB rating
  • Italianvisits.com – Writer claims they stopped responding after she asked for payment schedule.
  • Stu Taylor / “Equity Strategies” Business Talk Radio Network – Writer claimed was spammed by this person who wanted $600 for promotion on the radio show.