Whispers And Warnings For June 5th

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Writer alleges she’s owed $973.00.

U.S. blames Apple for increase in e-book prices
“A U.S. government lawyer opened a civil trial Monday by portraying Apple Inc. as a corporate bully that swaggered into the market for electronic books in 2010, forcing an end to price competition and costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Jewellery website bows to complaints
“Following multiple requests by authorities and exposure from the media, an online retailer has removed from its website misleading claims stating that amber necklaces have therapeutic properties.”

Jill Kelley sues FBI for defamation in Petraeus sex scandal
“Jill Kelley, the Tampa woman who became entangled in the David Petraeus sex scandal last year, is filing a lawsuit against the FBI and the Department of Defense for leaking her name and what she says was false, defamatory information about her during the investigation.”

Charges pending for man accused of online criminal defamation
“The St. Paul City Attorney’s office is hoping to make an example out of a man accused of posting naked picture of his ex-girlfriend online.”

Cal Coast News sued by Arroyo Grande man claiming defamation
“An Arroyo Grande businessman has filed a defamation lawsuit against an online news site alleging a story published by the site contained false and defamatory statements about him.”

Links to stories above are here: