Whispers and Warnings For June 22nd

This Week:

  • Rocky Mountain News – Settles racial Harassment suit
  • Indianapolis Star – Rejects Religious Discrimination Charges
  • Newsday – Three former circulation executives charged with conspiracy to commit fraud for a variety of schemes, including use of a shell company, to pump up the papers’ circulation at the expense of advertisers, in some instances by as many as 100,000 copies a day, or 20 percent.
  • UK newspaper Sunday Times – settles libel case brought by Saudi businessman
  • The Day / theday.com – Apologizes to successful student’s mother after making a generalization about kids with “cruddy home lives.”
  • Vancouver Sun – Sued by Tony Robbins for libel
  • McGraw-Hill Companies – Feds trying to convince this publisher to turn over data that one of its publications collected from a natural gas company under investigation.
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Ran a lengthy apology Sunday after a local religious ministry complained about errors in recent article.