Whispers And Warnings For June 19th

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Publisher of the Westchester Guardian files lawsuits against the IRS and FBI
“A Westchester County newspaper owner refiled a federal lawsuit this week, alleging the IRS and FBI investigated him for potential tax violations because of his Tea Party activities.”

Two Interns sue Conde Nast
After unpaid interns who had worked at Fox Searchlight earlier this week scored a legal victory, a new lawsuit has been filed, this time against Conde Nast Publications, alleging that the publisher violates the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York labor law.

News Corp sued by stunt double for Angelina Jolie – claims they hacked her phone
“A stunt double for Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie has sued News Corp over allegations its British newspapers hacked her phone, the first lawsuit in the United States against the company since the scandal broke two years ago.”

Patton Oswalt on “prodigalsam” plagiarism flap: “There’s no wiggle room there”
Oswalt opens up about the attitudes that hurt comedy – including those that helped a minister (allegedly) plagiarize jokes.

Addicted To Plagiarism
Bobby Parker speaks to David Morgan – perhaps the most prolific poetry plagiarist of all time – about his work (and ‘his work’)

Update on the Apple Ebook Price Fixing Trial
“Nook Media v-p of digital content Theresa Horner took the stand on Tuesday at the Apple e-book price fixing trial and the government and Apple clashed over questions about the profitability – or lack of it – in the e-book market of 2009-2010.”

Links to stories above are here: