Whispers And Warnings For July 3rd

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Interesting Development in Google’s 8-year-old digital books lawsuit
“A trial judge should consider Google’s argument that showing excerpts from books online is a ‘fair use’ that’s allowed under copyright law. It’s unusual to decide that kind of question at this stage in a lawsuit…”

Ghost Rider lawsuit heads to trial in November
“Writer Gary Friedrich is suing over the rights to the character.”

Unpaid-Intern Lawsuits Explained
“Why are so many interns suing their employers?”

Studio JMS sues self-publisher in feud over ‘Sidekick’ character
“In a preemptive move, Studio JMS has sued a self-publisher who threatened legal action over a character in J. Michael Straczynski’s Sidekick.”

Texas Supreme Court rules libel suit against an Austin TV station can proceed
“A lawsuit alleging an Austin TV station aired a report that defamed a local physician appears to be back on track for trial after the Texas Supreme Court reversed decisions by two lower courts.”

Court of Appeals sides with The Buffalo News in libel suit
“The Buffalo News’ four-year legal battle with the owner of an air cargo company ended last week when the state’s highest court ruled that the newspaper’s stories about the company were fair and true.”

$20 Million Awarded in Internet Libel Case
“The era when someone could use the cloak of anonymity of the Internet to destroy reputations and lives is over. There is no cloak of anonymity. We’re coming for you.”

Has Iran elected a cheater? Rowhani accused of PhD plagiarism
“Mr. Kamali is closely associated with the regime but his book was published in his own name and the extracts are virtually identical,” said Morshedi, which is a pen name. “We will be submitting a petition calling on the university to cancel the PhD.”

Links to stories above are here: