Whispers And Warnings For July 17th

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The Murky World of Literary Libel
“Lawsuits, pulped books, family rifts: when novelists base their characters on real people, trouble tends to follow.”

Apple Found Guilty Of Fixing Ebook Prices, Says It’s “Done Nothing Wrong” And Will Appeal
“While publishers have agreed to a settlement in the ebook price-fixing case involving Apple and all the major book publishers, the federal judge has ruled that Apple is guilty of fixing ebook prices with its iBookstore, according to Reuters.”

New York Public Library Is Sued Over Book Plan
“A group of prominent writers and scholars filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to stop the New York Public Library from demolishing the stacks in its flagship 42nd Street building or moving any books off the site.”

Apple and Amazon settle “app store” lawsuit
“Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. have ended their lawsuit over who has the right to use the ‘app store’ name, clearing the way for both companies to use it.”

Pippa Middleton may sue: ‘Pippa tips’ creator facing lawsuit?
“Her lawyers have reportedly sent a letter to the book’s publisher, demanding that the ‘Pippa Tips’ Twitter account be deactivated.”

Quentin Tarantino’s girlfriend is accused of plagiarism
“Lianne MacDougall, a film writer who specializes in genre movies and has been linked romantically to Quentin Tarantino, has been accused of repeated plagiarism and apparently has taken to Twitter to apologize for lifting whole sections of other articles.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: