Whispers And Warnings For January 23rd

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Lawsuit Over Local Yelp Criticism Raises Questions About On Line Comments
“A lawsuit filed by a prominent local veterinarian against a man who wrote a negative review of his practice on the on-line consumer site Yelp.com has raised serious questions about what customers can and cannot say in reviews they write online…”

Iowa Supreme Court to hear defamation suit
“State senator’s case could affect negative political ads.”

Dermot Desmond to testify in racketeering and defamation case
“Billionaire accused ‘abusive’ US rival of extorting him”

MP claims Simon and Garfunkel song was recorded at expense of County Durham stonemasons
Claims ‘Scarborough Fair’ was originally created by local stonemasons.

Playboy Is Suing Another Magazine for copyright infringement
“Lawyers for Playboy magazine are suing Harper’s Bazaar publisher Hearst Communications. The lawsuit seeks $150,000 per photo infringed.”

Attorney files lawsuit over comments he says cast him as ‘tree mutilator’
“The comments – one of which said the tree removal made it appear that a ‘brontosaurus had lunch in the front yard’ – were featured in a Jan. 3 op-ed in the Heart Beat.”

China passes new laws to weed out web anonymity
People are required to “use their real name while uploading.”

UK – Bored with patent trolls? Small fry – prepare for the Design Trolls
“Govt’s twiddles with design and patent law raise industry fears.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: