Whispers And Warnings For January 15th

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Jailing of an Alabama blogger: It’s worse than we thought
“A New York Times report on the imprisonment of a journalist may have underplayed how chilling the case is.”

Dow Jones Sues British News Aggregator Ransquawk for Allegedly Stealing ‘Hot News’
“Dow Jones & Co has filed a lawsuit accusing a London-based news aggregator known as Ransquawk of illegally accessing its news feed, and redistributing its content within seconds of publication to financial professionals and other subscribers.”

Stripper releases tell-all book
“Several ‘legitimate’ publishing efforts fell through. ‘One firm was nervous about a libel suit.'”

Science writer prepares suit against ex-TV host
“A popular science writer has prepared a lawsuit against a former talk-show anchor, claiming his reputation was damaged during online debates.”

Judge lets defamation lawsuit proceed against John Woodell
“We are very pleased the court very thoroughly analyzed all of the arguments, and rejected the assertion that anything goes when talking about a politician…”

Links to the stories above can be found here: