Whispers and Warnings for February 4th

Notice: Next week, we’ll be running a special update
concerning a previously published warning. We received a
call from the detective in charge of the case yesterday and
we’re waiting for his nod to publish the announcement. I
was so happy about this bad apple being brought down that
I couldn’t sleep last night! Can’t wait to share it with you!


This Week’s Whispers & Warnings:

Does Heritage Media / Imprint Publications owe you money? We have a new address for them!

Reader says a West Palm literary agent charges $500 up front. Ouch!

Torsten Jacobi of Creative Weblogging from Hamburg, Germany – reminiscent of Themestream? Ug!

Cherubic Press in Johnstown, PA – Anyone know if they’re still around?

Editfast.com – Two complaints by readers.