Whispers And Warnings For August 7th

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Forensic Art Expert’s Libel Case Against New Yorker Magazine Is Dismissed
“In a 51-page decision released on Thursday, Judge J. Paul Oetken explained that as a public figure, Mr. Biro failed to show that the writer, David Grann, or the magazine had acted ‘recklessly’ or ‘with actual malice.’

Conde Nast Beats Libel Suit Over New Yorker Article
“A federal judge on Thursday threw out a libel suit a Canadian art expert brought against Conde Nast over a 2010 article in the New Yorker.”

’87 Rape-Hoaxer Finally Shells Out for Slander
“Last week, 10 checks totaling $3,764.61 were delivered to ex-prosecutor Steven Pagones – the first payments Brawley has made since a court determined in 1998 that she defamed him with her vicious hoax. A Virginia court this year ordered the money garnisheed from six months of Brawley’s wages as a nurse there.”

Hearst Corp. Defeats Arrestee’s Class Defamation Claims
“The Hearst Corp., its affiliates and other local media companies defeated a putative defamation class action in Connecticut federal court on Monday filed by a woman who claimed she was smeared by stories of her arrest, which was later expunged.”

Magazine Newsstand Sales Plummet, but Digital Editions Thrive
“Magazines continue to struggle with sales of subscriptions and newsstand copies in the first half of 2013, but they have made inroads in selling digital editions.”

Gawker Wants Richard Cohen Canned
“WaPo columnist Richard Cohen wrote a Dear Diary type confessional this morning. The headline gets right to the point: ‘When Linda cheated.’ And this afternoon Gawker got to their point – Cohen ought to be fired…”

Taiwan Defence Minister Quits after Plagiarism Allegation
“Taiwan’s scholar-turned defence minister resigned Tuesday after he was accused of plagiarism, less than a week after taking office to replace his predecessor who also stepped down.”

Dermatologist Censured for Plagiarism
“A Case Western dermatologist has admitted to plagiarizing a grant she reviewed, plus taking text from eight research papers and a patent application.”

Boston Principal Resigns amid More Plagiarism Allegations
“A newly appointed Boston middle school principal who admitted to plagiarizing a Forbes magazine column in her first memo to staff submitted her resignation Wednesday after new allegations emerged that she had plagiarized portions of her job application materials.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: