Whispers and Warnings For August 25th

Whispers and Warnings For August 25th

Great Article!
The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t
“In the digital economy, it was supposed to be impossible to make money by making art. Instead, creative careers are thriving – but in complicated and unexpected ways…”

If Taxpayers Paid for It, Taxpayers Should Own It! Interesting Comments on Fair-use, Too.
Judge Rules That Inglewood, California Cannot Copyright Public Videos
“After a resident used parts of videos posted by the city, ‘the city responded by registering the videos with copyrights and then suing (the resident) for copyright infringement. Many would say it was a thinly veiled attempt to silence a critic…/”

(Allegedly) Charging Someone for Something You Didn’t Create?? Tsk Tsk!
Phoenix demands refund of 21K from ASU prof’s company
“The city of Phoenix is demanding a refund of $21,900 from an Arizona State University professor’s company after the revelation that many of the training slides the company used were from the Chicago Police Department. The letter said the city expected to pay for work from the Whitaker Group, not the Chicago Police Department…”

Good For Him!
Josh Ostrovsky on plagiarism accusations: ‘I’m gonna make it right’
“Social-media phenomenon Josh Ostrovsky is addressing allegations that he has stolen comedians’ jokes without attribution…”

Just Because You’re an International Firm Doesn’t Mean You Can Copy a Freelancer’s Work!
McDonald’s Apologizes for Ripping Off Viral Photos of a Man Getting Engaged to a Burrito
“McDonald’s has apologized to freelance writer David Sikorski and photographer Kristina Bakrevski after they accused the fast-food chain of copying their cheeky ‘engagement’ photos in which the object of Sikorski’s affection is a burrito…”