Whispers And Warnings For August 14th

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True Crime Author sues Freelancer (and Newspaper) Who Criticized Her Book But Failed to Divulge the Freelancer was Engaged to the Criminal Featured in the Book. Confused yet? Me, too! An interesting read!
“Swart (the freelancer) is married to the subject of Rule’s New York Times best-selling book, ‘Heart Full of Lies’. The book follows Liysa Northon, a woman who shot her Hawaiian Airlines pilot husband Chris Northon in the head while he was either asleep or unconscious during a camping trip in Eastern Oregon in 2000.”

YouTube Cover Songs Threatened by New Copyright Lawsuit
“The New York Times is reporting a group of music publishers including Warner/Chappell are taking aim at Fullscreen, the company behind many of YouTube’s most popular videos.”

Comic Artist’s Family Loses Lawsuit – Rights to Remain with Publishers
“Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk can continue to reside in Marvel’s offices after a federal appeals court on Thursday rejected an ownership claim by the children of an artist who helped create them. The judge ruled they were ‘works for hire’.

Battle rages over ‘Mockingbird’ copyright
“After decades of avoiding the limelight and attention ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ brought with it, the frail 87-year-old author, Nelle Harper Lee, has re-entered the public eye with a lawsuit against a former literary agent