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Whispers And Warnings For August 12

COMPLAINT about Alondra Press / / Solomon Tager – Editor tells writer their publisher “shies away from anything promoting the welfare of women. He’s a macho type guy who believes women should only be seen and heard in the kitchen.” Company rep. claims the editor was “only joking.” We’re not buying it.

THIRD COMPLAINT about MacAllister Stone / Absolute Write / / Absolute Classes / / Mac Stone – AbsoluteWrite class instructor alleges she’s been owed $150 for a year from this website that claims to serve writers. If students pre-pay for classes there, why wasn’t the instructor paid a year ago?

FOURTH COMPLAINT about Prudence International Magazine / / Samson Agbebi – Designer / Editor alleges she’s owed $1200.

THIRD COMPLAINT about Carus Publishing Company / – Writer alleges she’s owed $150.

FOURTH COMPLAINT about Carus Publishing Company / – Writer alleges he’s been owed $2,000 for almost a year. THIS PUBLISHER HAS STOPPED RESPONDING TO WRITERSWEEKLY.