Whispers And Warnings For April 17th

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Booksellers Urge Court Not to Toss Amazon E-book Lawsuit
“Plaintiff booksellers this week filed an opposition motion urging the court not to dismiss their lawsuit against Amazon and the big six publishers, arguing that there is indeed enough evidence of restraint of trade to keep the case moving forward.”

STUPID! Fritz + Fraenzi, a German parenting magazine
(Allegedly) features children and teens lighting hair on fire and giving Nazi salute. Also, half-naked girls sending explicit photos on their phone.

In the U.K. – Key libel reform thwarted as Conservatives block defamation bill
“The Conservatives have succeeded in their attempt to water down defamation laws which would have prevented large companies ranging from McDonald’s to Tesco from suing their critics unless they could prove financial losses.”

Twitter Libel Case
Man claims another falsely linked him to an allegation of child sexual assault on Twitter.

Links to stories above are here: