Whispers and Warnings for 12/29/16

Whispers and Warnings for 12/29/16

AMAZON in the hot seat again!
Amazon mistakenly suspends Samsung sellers before holidays
While this particular matter only affected a small number of sellers out of the millions on the platform, it further illustrates the chaos that merchants are experiencing trying to navigate Amazon’s rapidly growing marketplace.

Have we reached the point where we can be judicially punished for questioning scientists?
The D.C. Court of Appeals Undermines the First Amendment
…the court’s decision breaks chilling new ground. It creates the Orwellian prospect of a legal proceeding where a jury is asked to impose significant penalties on journalists who have the “wrong” opinion on highly controversial issues.

CBS Sued over documentary based on a self published book
JonBenét Ramsey’s brother sues CBS for defamation
Burke Ramsey’s lawsuit claims CBS’s prime-time four-hour special, “The Case of JonBenét Ramsey,” which aired in September, defamed him for publicity and profit. Also named in the suit were the show’s production company, Los Angeles-based Critical Content, and seven investigators and forensic experts who appeared on the show.

Read about the self-published book HERE.

Novelist jailed as a terrorist.
Turkish author Asl? Erdo?an’s detention ‘breaches convention on human rights’
The imprisonment of celebrated novelist Asl? Erdo?an breaches both Turkey’s constitution and the European convention on human rights, according to prominent lawyers and human rights activists.



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